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Using Xsomo as your one stop procurement for brands such as DELL provides you with peace of mind:

  • Knowing your purchase is at the most competitive rate delivered directly to your door.
  • Knowing we have delivered goods cheaper than DELL themselves.*
  • Knowing you will not get charged for any unknown cess or fees in addition to your invoiced amount.*
  • Knowing you are providing jobs for local IT talent.
  • Knowing our skilled staff support in-house any item we sell.
  • Knowing after creating a support ticket with Xsomo you have on the ground support that understands your language and your business.*

We have built a vibrant relationship as a leading solutions integrator with major brands such as DELL and Citrix. We provide first line support from our certified team of in-house engineers.

Xsomo supplies, installs and supports a variety of infrastructure devices such as scanners, servers, storage, handhelds, tablets, laptops, ssl offloading & security appliances, web Proxy / filters, wireless access and networking appliances from our partners.

We’re so confident in our customers’ satisfaction that a referral from an existing client we will provide a rebate towards your implementation. Once you’ve talk to our clients, come have a conversation with our subject experts.

We will help you cross that virtual divide.

* Xsomo’s total-cost pricing considers long-term support and other charges of your best-fit needs. Speak to your Xsomo expert about how we can help you.

- Dell Servers, Storage, Networking

- Dell Workstation, Notebooks, Tablets & Peripherals

- Sonic Wall Security Appliances

- Barracuda Security Devices

- Dell Wyse + Ncomputing Thin Clients

- HP + Panasonic + Fujitsu Document Scanners

- Troy Cheque Printing

- Signotec Signature pads