Our Expertise

We know you have IT management challenges – reduced budget, evolving to meet business needs, and proactive infrastructure.  Xsomo can help.

Together with our partners we provide access to world-class IT infrastructure solutions, with premier support resources from our certified in-house team and from the professional consulting services of our international partners. Our partners include the DELL EMC, Citrix, Barracuda Networks, Symantec, Sonicwall and LogRythm to name a few.

  • Hardware – Put the right hardware in place to ensure that your users have the best possible experience.  We have partnered with specialists in the areas of servers, storage, networking, workstations, laptops and thin clients.
  • Virtualisation – Re-purpose your physical resources to create virtual solutions.  We can help you with optimised servers, desktop and application virtualisation solutions that are reliable and flexible.

Over the past 14 years, the Xsomo team has installed and supported 2000+ licenses. These consist of various application, desktop and server virtualization solutions – explain virtualization & thin client. Our team of expertly trained engineers have a wealth of in-house knowledge from our partners such a Citrix, Microsoft and vmware. They are trained to install and support these environments locally or with the assistance of our worldwide network of vendor support teams.

Our first installation example is with Jamaica’s largest security firm. Since 2005 we have worked together to virtualize applications onto Thin Clients. Later on this project was expanded to include servers and storage. This allowed for a centralized data center and reduced server sprawl.

More recently we worked with an eyeglass manufacturer to optimize its information systems. Our solution used virtualization of both hardware and software. We then replaced workstations with Thin Clients for ease of service. Next we converted capital expenses to operating expenses for the Microsoft Operating System. This solution saved significant money and is maintained by only one person serving 14 branches and 70 end users.

In our last example, a local major bank needed to secure its online banking portal. Xsomo was quickly chosen for this task based on our expert knowledge in securing web apps. Seven years later our partnership is still strong and has grown to a point that ideas and suggestions are discussed with us long before actual solution development and implementation.

So what is ECM? Starting out as a Document Management System (DMS), which used computer software to store, manage and track documents electronically captured through the use of a document scanner. This later became Enterprise Content Management (ECM) which now includes tools for managing, storing, preserving, versioning, delivering, and auditing various electronic content and documents related to organizational processes.

The new tools made for good measurements and the tracking of these documents when used with workflows. They also helped to identify ways to streamline tasks and eliminate potential pitfalls.

Some time ago we were approached for a mailroom DMS solution. Using our ECM software the project grew from simply scanning correspondence, to include workflows and metrics that the business operators use to make decisions. The non-movement of paper files made the client’s operations more efficient and very competitive. As a result our solution is now part of their core software solution for this major mortgage company with more than 700 software license seats.

Our ECM software is also used by a major bank to achieve compliance with the “Know Your Customer” banking act. The bank scans customer signature cards, letters of reference and transactions. These documents can then be quickly referenced and retrieved from any of the branches islandwide through our integration with their line of business app.

We also helped a major insurance company reduce the need for paper file movement. Together we designed ECM workflows that move scanned files electronically in our software. Notifications of any missing supporting documents, or the reviewing and the granting of approvals are all now done electronically through emails.

All of this is accomplished by our best-known software suite called OnBase by Hyland that has helped to improve customer service, reduce operating costs and minimize risk worldwide. It does this by providing instant access to all your data, documents and business processes from anywhere, using any device or in any application.

Is your business suffering from efficiency deficiency? Paper files overload? Difficulty sharing documents between people, departments and branches? Lack of integration between systems?

Ensure business uptime, increase operational efficiency and reduce capital expenditure.  Talk to us about online backup and disaster recovery, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and unified email management.

Professional services are occupations in the tertiary sector of the economy requiring special training in the arts or sciences. Some professional services require holding professional licenses such as architects, auditors, engineers, doctors and lawyers. Other professional services involve providing specialist business support to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors; this can include tax advice, supporting a company with accounting, IT services or providing management advice.